Thursday, May 3, 2007

Bike-Friendly Caltrain Speeds up Commute Along Peninsula

Driving to San Carlos for the Caltrain Joint Powers Board meeting would have meant braving the freeways and finding parking. Today, however, I rode my bike to the San Jose Diridon train station and took Caltrain practically to the meeting room’s doorstep.

Maneuvering a bike in a train car may sound like a chore, but Caltrain seems prepared for a high volume of bicycling commuters. I could turn my bike around and tie it down with the provided bungee cords with no problem. This system allowed for a quick exit, as well.

When I got back to my office in San Jose, I was happy to see an e-mail from a Campbell resident who is also taking up the challenge to bike to work as many times as possible this month.

He wrote that because of my commitment to biking in May he was inspired to give it a go as a bicycling commuter. However, he expressed his concern that some of the roads in our community lacked proper bike lanes.

I would love to see more bike lanes on our streets, especially along the busier roadways with traffic traveling significantly faster than bicyclists. Not only would this encourage more residents to bike to work, but it would also make traveling by bicycle safer.