Monday, May 14, 2007

Board of Supervisors Begins Three-Day Series of Budget Workshops

After biking to work today, I prepared myself for the county’s budget workshops.

Each year, the county executive recommends a balanced budget to the Board. The workshops are the Board’s opportunity to review the county executive’s recommendation in detail. This year, the county is facing a $238 million deficit, and we are now tasked with trying to save as many essential services as possible.

The workshops also allow the supervisors to voice their concerns, ask questions, and request additional information in anticipation of the budget hearings in June.

I have written an opinion piece that will appear in tomorrow’s San Jose Mercury News. In it, I propose that the county use money from its reserves – its “rainy day fun” – to offset some of the cuts proposed to the Mental Health, Public Health, and Alcohol and Drug Services departments.

In this way, I believe we can save the most essential services provided by these departments and not turn away residents in their time of need.